Arabic Skype Tutor – Eman

Hello everybody,
Do you live or willing to move to an Arabic country?
Have you reverted to Islam and want to learn Arabic?
Did you learn Arabic and want to practice it ?
If you want to learn Arabic, for any reason, I can help you. I am a female Arabic teacher for the non-natives. I live in Egypt. I teach modern standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic for all levels. I have more than 2 years experience. I also have a bachelor degree in the education and Arabic language. I can improve your writing, reading, speaking and listing skills. I teach online via Skype. If you are interested in my lessons please contact me…,

I offer:
• First 2 classes for free
• lessons for beginner , intermediate and advanced levels
• No prior knowledge of Arabic language is required.
• individual lessons or in a small group.
• One-on-one live classes – video and audio
• Flexible times
• Conversation lessons for advanced students
• Fees between 6$-10$ per hour (depends on lesson type)
• free study materials

Email Eman : [email protected]