Science Skype Tutor – Mohammad Asadi Lari

I offer tutoring based on what the student requires, be it learning fundamental content of the subject or preparing for a specific test. I pay special attention to active learning and promoting self-motivation in my students.

As a current university student and having recently gone through the BC curriculum system, I am well aware of the ups and downs of students trying to learn math and science. I have had more than three years of experience in tutoring students in the high school level and even teaching groups of students. I have very good knowledge of the university application system and I can incorporate that with my sessions to help students reach their educational goals while enjoying every step of it.I am a very good motivator and I tend to put a lot of energy in simply motivating my students to try harder and see the horizon. I try to promote active learning to enhance student learning and prepare them with the proper mentality for classes and tests. As someone with various awards on different science Olympiads and a receiver of the Governor General academic award, I believe I have a great deal to offer to students.

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