Chemistry.Physics Skype Tutor-Kelvin Benger

I am pursuing a double degree, a BSc in math and chemistry and a BEd in middle-high education. This gives me a unique combination of knowledge, skills and character. Simply put, I really enjoy helping students not only learn but also feel good about their learning.

Tutoring Services and Experience
As an up and coming graduate from Trinity Western University I have been studying math and chemistry concurrently with education. I believe my studies in the sciences have greatly benefited my ability to understand and teach those topics in particular, and more importantly my education degree and experience has developed my abilities as a teacher.
I strongly disagree with tutors who simply give the students the answers and do not think it is as beneficial for students. I like helping students learn and develop skills over time. Helping students last minute can be beneficial but is certainly not ideal.


Elementary school: Math, Science
Middle school: Chemistry, Math, Physics
High school: Chemistry, Math, Physics
College and University: Chemistry, Math, Physics
Contact Information
Phone: 7783447568
E-mail: [email protected]