Chemistry Tutor in California-Byron


Hey! I am an energetic high school student who approaches high school in a very different way than most teachers and kids. I am a fun guy to work with, and generally try to make my classes fun! So if you’re tired of the boring school lectures, don’t hesitate to contact me!

One of my core values is to pursue fun, so when I teach I make sure that both the students and I enjoy the class. I am all too familiar with the dry lectures in class, and the students’ inner gut repulsion towards tutoring after school, so I try all the time to help my students accept, enjoy, and even look forward to each session. As I spent a lot of my high school years working with small, five year old kids, I seem to have unlimited patience in when I teach. Moreover, I always try to incite a passion for learning for my students. I would go past the subject area that I’m teaching, and hope to help the students improve not only in subject areas they are getting help in, but also in most other areas as well.