Czech Skype Tutor


How would you like to learn some Czech? And if you like, you can have LOTS of it 🙂 I’m a native speaker, female, 29, now living in Limehouse, E1. Maybe you’ve got a Czech girlfriend, or maybe your company is transferring you to Prague, or perhaps you want to speak a language that is more exotic than German?

And the best thing is: You don’t have to spend time and money on transport. Have you ever considered learning languages on Skype? This is extremely practical, and you won’t need to get out of your pyjamas for that.
Although I do offer live face-to-face sessions, too, of course!

Prices (two hours minimum):

– Live: £15 per hour
– Skype: £13 per hour, if more than that, I will give you a discount

Everybody who signs up for a session with me will receive the eBook “Master Any Language – Your Personal Key. Sure-Fire Techniques for Beginners and Advanced Learners.” for free! Be sure it will make your studies more interesting and efficient!

Do let me know if you have any questions!

Email Michael – [email protected]