English Pronunciation Skype Tutor – Caroline

Hi, I’m Caroline. I’m an experienced state licensed and nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologist & Accent Coach. I provide accent reduction courses worldwide by Skype and in the Chicago area. I’m a native American English speaker and a second-language learner myself (French), so I understand how frustrating it is to be continually misunderstood.

I can help you acquire a 50% to 70% improvement in your American English pronunciation and communication skills in 12 weeks or less. Courses I provide include a Self-Study, 7-week, and 12-week accent reduction course. These courses are for professionals who have a good command of English but would like to focus on their pronunciation skills to soften their accent. If you are interested in learning more, please check out our website or take our free accent screening below and I will contact you with the most suitable program for your accent.

Benefits of Accent Reduction:

Increases Confidence While Speaking

Develops Clear Communication

Boosts Opportunities for Career Advancement

Reduces Misunderstandings

Decreases Repeating

Improves Relatability to Others

Enhances Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Strengthens Telephone Speaking

Take a free accent screening:

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