ESL Skype Tutor – Tim W

Hi there,

My name is Tim and I have been teaching English in Australia for over twenty years. 
I specialise in conversation based around the auxiliary verbs and logic or link words as this reduces the language to it’s very essential elements, the pivot points about which we create the meaning we wish to convey. 

*Fees are negotiable, depending upon what students want. I’ve taught CAE and IELTS but am really good teaching beginners to intermediate in conversation reinforcing grammar they may have studied already but can’t actually use in conversation. They don’t have to be academically inclined. They just need to want to speak.

It will be cheaper, more fun and more productive if they can gather a group of 4-5 friends of a similar level with whom I can conduct a conversation class over Skype. I will scan basic materials and send them to students to use in class over the net. I will also correct writing via e-mail if that is required.

They may contact me via e-mail or directly through Skype to discuss what they actually want and need or for a sample of what they can achieve in a short time.

Email Tim W : [email protected]