French Skype Tutor – Yann

You want to improve your french for a job, your studies, to travel or for your knowledge ?

One to one tuition is the best solution for you to learn at your own pace, step by step.
No matter your actual level, I will help you to know the basics and much more.
A first meeting will make me know what are you looking for and then I could adapt the lessons contingent on your own plans.
Students are welcome, as a French native speaker (from Paris), I can help you for homeworks, or to train for future exams.
You plan to travel in France? No problem, the conversation will be the priority!

You won’t need a long time before noting your improvement.
For the students and others, help or lessons online (files or skype) is available.

I can also translate and correct your essays and documents!

Please contact me by e-mail, and explain me if you need help for your studies, job, to travel etc …
I will answer you very quickly…
I look forward to hearing from you and to giving you the help you need!
Sincerely yours

On the internet: Everywhere!

Email Yann : [email protected]