German Skype Tutor – Wael J

Who I am? My name is Wael and I’m an experienced private German tutor. I have 15 years of experience in teaching German as a second language.

What do I offer? I offer one-to-one online German lessons, explained in English, and bring students to the required level of the B1 Certificate at the Goethe Institute in 96 hours. (Usually, students get B1 Certificate in most German language teaching institutes at the end of the elementary level in almost 300 hours).

What can I guarantee? I guarantee you’ll get B1 level in 96 hours with me. And, you will learn the whole grammar of German language online already in 24 hours with me.

What knowledge will you get? After 96 hours, you won’t need any teacher or institute anymore. You’ll be able to:
• speak German in a correct way with the right grammar;
• make conversations of moderate difficulty;
• write letters of moderate difficulty;
• understand from moderately difficult to difficult texts by reading;
• understand moderately difficult language by hearing.

How much does it cost? It costs $25.00 per full hour (60 minutes). The first lesson is FREE!!!

It doesn’t matter what level of German language you have and what age you are, feel free to contact me any time to clarify any questions you have concerning “one-to-one online German lessons” I offer.

Email Wael: [email protected]