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Guitar, Bass, Piano lessons on SKYPE. Also, Songwriting, Theory, and more… email: [email protected]

My name is Paul Neathery of Abbey Music Studio located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

You can have music lessons in the comfort of your own home and learn your instrument and all of your favorite songs using Skype.

I’ve been teaching, performing, and writing music for over 20 years.

***My goal as a teacher***

I try to teach what the students are interested in and make it fun and interesting so that they learn the lessons and their favorite songs. Every student is different and needs to be taught in a way that makes learning easy and fun for them.

***College and Teaching***

I began teaching music lessons in college and enjoyed it very much. I received my B.A. in Music from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. There I was very much involved with guitar, piano, voice, trumpet, and being in bands and writing music. After receiving my B.A. I also took 3 years of Education classes at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. I write, produce, and perform my music along with performing with bands around the Midwest.

I also give kindermusik lessons to 2-5 year olds all the way up to senior citizens 70-93. I play parties, concerts, and Nursing Home performances.

I am experienced as an online (Skype) instructor, and I have taught online lessons worldwide. I’ve witnessed great results from my online students (both national and international).

I hope I can help you with all of your musical goals and get you going in a positive musical direction.

Students may take lessons for:
* guitar (electric / acoustic)
* piano
* voice
* drums
* trumpet
* saxophone
* harmonica
* music theory / ear training
* studio recording / songwriting

….Start playing better right away….

Email Paul: [email protected]


Joyce Bennett
“My teacher is a dedicated professional and always wants the best for his students. He is a very talented musician and I highly recommend him. Whether you, or your child wants to learn guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice or trumpet, Abbey Music is your choice for musical excellence!”

Jacob Stankowski
“Guys and Gals… If you want to learn to sing or play an instrument I’m telling you this is the place! Not only does he make learning music fun, he no’s what he’s doing… i have tried many other teachers… he is the real deal… Abbey Music is the real deal! Rock on mhan! \m/

Stefan Schroeder
“I have been taking Skype lessons with Abbey Music for a few years now and am really improving my guitar and voice skills. The studio is great, it is full of instruments and makes you feel like learning. I would recommend Abbey Music, the instructor is very patient and has a lot of experience teaching and performing. And the prices are not bad either.”

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