Homework Help and Tutoring classes in Math

I provide both Homework Help and Tutoring classes in Math. I cover students from grades 1 – 12. I provide amongst the cheapest yet best tutoring classes around, with access to a car for location flexibility!

I am currently a post-secondary student at Ryerson University undergoing my majors in Computer Science (BSc) and minors in Mathematics !

I love teaching, and put in my all in making sure my student understands the concepts (even if i have to stay extra hours!).

I offer Homework help and Tutoring from Grade 3 to Grade 10 ! and can offer up-to 4 hours per week (based on availability).

I guarantee full satisfaction and look forward to offering my services!

Please contact me 2-3 days prior to scheduling (as I may be booked for other classes).

Email – [email protected]