Italian Skype Tutor – Livia

Ciao! I’m Livia of Italian Tutor Inc., and I’m a Skype tutor with years of
experience sharing the Italian language with a wide range of clients,
including business professionals, artists, diplomats, children, and
college students.

I taught upper-division Intercultural Communications in a state-run
university, and have a dual graduate degree in Literature and
Communications; my time has been divided between the United States and
Italy for several years. I also work as an editor, translator and

My clients say it’s a huge advantage that I’m fluent in both English and
Italian, which makes understanding their questions and explaining the
intricacies of Italian vocabulary and grammar much easier.

Coaching Italian language skills is satisfying and fun for me; I tutor
Italian at every level, and my specialty is creating personalized Italian
lessons to suit my individual client’s proficiency level, goals, and
learning style. I love to see my clients learn, and then hear back from
them after they’ve had fantastic experiences in Italy.

Whether you’re preparing for an exam or interview, or are simply planning
for an unforgettable trip to Italy, feel free to contact me for more
information on what I can do for you. A presto!
Email Livia – [email protected]