Japanese Skype Tutor – Megumi

My name is Megumi and I am a Japanese Language Teacher from Sendai, Japan. I now live in Oxfordshire, England, with my husband and daughter.

I love teaching Japanese and it has been my job since I graduated from University in 1998.
I qualified (Japanese Teaching Competency Test) in 2000, after training with NAFL (Nihongo As a Foreign Language).

At first I taught in Japan (first to Japanese pupils of primary school, then to foreigners). I now teach in England, since 2005, working for major companies as Berlitz, Cactus, Plikington, and Shimadzu, as well as privately.
Because I am a native, fully trained and qualified, and experienced teacher, I can teach all levels: zero to native.

When not busy teaching I enjoy hiking and cooking, and most of all playing with my young daughter.

Email Megumi : [email protected]