Korean Skype Tutor – Joon

If you are looking for an authentic lesson rather than language swap, have a lesson with a qualified Korean Tutor.
You can learn more efficiently and faster.
Especially if you are a beginner, it’s more important how you start it.
Save your time and effort.

For a single student: $30 P/H
Groups of 3 / 4 : $75 P/H / $100 P/H ($25 per each student)
Groups of 5 or more : $100 or more ($20 per each student)
(if you are further than 8km from the CBD a surcharge may apply)


Every student has unique goals so an individual programme is designed for each student. These programmes cover: Writing, Grammar,Vocabulary,
Daily and useful expressions, Pronunciation
and an Understanding of Korean culture.

So you want to learn Korean? It doesn’t matter if you just wish to learn some common phrases for an up and coming trip to Seoul, learn to speak basic Korean or comprehensively study Hangeul (Korean written language) and communicate like a native Korean, my approach is to design a programme that tailored to each individual student.

Maybe you’re planning a trip with a group of friends or know others who which to learn? Programmes for groups of up to 5 students can be accommodated.

One key to successful learning is keeping it fun and engaging. With that in mind you will also be introduced to Korean culture and how to use correct Etiquette so you make a positive impression with any native Korean whether you’re travelling privately or on business.

If you are someone who wishes to comprehensively study the Korean Language a range of text books and learning aids can be supplied.

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your specific requirements.

Email Joon : [email protected]