Latin, Greek Skype Tutor – Atticus

I have very extensive experience of teaching in Classical Greek, Latin, and Ancient History, from beginners to very advanced, at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels, and a long record of successful private tutoring.

I have taught at all levels — primary, secondary, and tertiary — and am very willing and able to take on any and all students, whatever the level of competency

To give some idea of my range of students: I have successfully taught, on the one hand, beginners’ level Classical Greek to barristers and venture capitalists; and, on the other hand, beginners’ Latin to a large group of seven-year-old homeschoolers. So all levels/competencies are most welcome. I have also taught extremely detailed Greek prose composition courses, and even Greek verse composition.

If you would like to learn Classical Greek and/or Latin *extremely well*, but in a comfortable fashion — I make everything (grammar, translation, &c.) as easy and relaxed as it can possibly be made, without stinting on the fine-detail — then I would very much urge you to contact me

I am available on Skype, Google Talk, or any other online video medium. I have considerable experience tutoring via Skype.

Email Atticus : [email protected]