Math, English, Science, Test Prep Online Tutor

If you are looking for a tutor, my services are being offered in the follow subjects:

Biology (All levels to Biology AP, from high school to beyond)
Chemistry (All levels to Chemistry AP)
Physiology (High school and beyond)

Math (All levels from pre-algebra to Algebra 2 and Trigonometry)

English (Literature and Writing to English AP level)


Public Speaking and Interviewing Skills


B.A. in Molecular Cell Biology from UC Berkeley
M.S. in Global Medicine at USC
Private tutor for various tutoring companies for the past year (CV can be made available upon request)

Tutoring Philosophy:
When I tutor, I cater toward my student’s needs and try to figure out ways to help them best comprehend the material. I believe that tutoring can help students really bring out their true potential in class and as a tutor it is my job to help you succeed in whatever career or educational goal you have. I utilize a teach back approach, as in I might explain a concept, but my students do a lot of the talking as well. I believe that if you can explain it/teach it, you know it, and that is what I encourage my students to do during our sessions. I also specialize in simplifying some of the harder concepts and trying to get my students to somewhat laugh and enjoy themselves during tutoring sessions.

email Taman: [email protected]