Math & Physics tutor with 6 years experience

I am a math/physics tutor with 6 years experience. I have been a UBC math tutor for a year, and have got great response from my students. By using simple examples and trying different teaching methods, I have once helped a student improve her grade from F to above 80%.

Due to the large volume of student inquiries, I started doing online tutoring with a digital writing pad! It achieves the same purpose while it gives you time flexibility and reduced transportation time! Have you ever tried to find some help in an emergency or late at night? This is the solution to it!

I am graduated from UBC with a major in electrical engineering and minor in commerce with A+ average on all my major courses.I could speak both English and Mandarin, and had experiences teaching in both languages.By helping student one on one, I focus on encouraging the student and improving the student’s interest. As I teach, I use various simple examples and different teaching methods to help the student understand the “hard” concept in an easy way.

E-mail: [email protected]