Math.Science Skype Tutor-Abdul

I have successfully completed my first year with a full GPA (UofT). Although I possess a very thorough understanding of all the subject matter that I am willing to tutor, I explicitly aim to emphasize the beneficial aspects of STEM fields to help develop self motivation.

Tutoring Services and Experience
I have completed my first year at the University of Toronto in the Computer Science program with a full GPA (will provide transcript as proof if required).

Pertaining to high school, I am willing to tutor in Physics, Chemistry and all levels of Mathematics. I assure you that my understanding of high school material is thorough, moreover, I will always provide very convincing proofs to any material that I teach. Unlike a classroom environment, I will ALWAYS elaborate on how a concept was developed. I aspire to help students redefine their self-perception of what their “upper-bound” is, in addition to inciting self-motivation in any Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career path. Finally, I will provide an analysis of the student’s performance and the characteristics (if any) that are severely limiting anything short of outstanding academic results.


High school: Chemistry, Computers and IT, Math, Physics, Technology

Contact Information
E-mail: [email protected]