Math.Science Skype Tutor-Ajay Shah

I have tutored all ages of high school children in maths, sciences and various languages.
My Scores:
SAT I – 2340
SAT II – Math (800), Chemistry (800)
AP – Biology (5), Chemistry (5), Calculus (5), Physics (4)

Tutoring Services and Experience
I think that my best quality is my patience – I’m an easygoing person, and I’d be willing to use a number of different tools and techniques to supplement my teaching. I love explaining concepts to my classmates, and my peers would describe me as a great teacher.

I love sports, reading, playing video games, and watching TV. I also have a genuine love of learning – I enjoy taking online courses or listening to podcasts if I have some free time.

I’ve held a lot of leadership and mentoring positions over the years, as well as being the eldest brother of 3. I think that this has instilled a sense of maturity in me, and I would be a great role model for any potential tutorees.

Contact Information
E-mail: [email protected]