Online Arabic Skype Tutor – Ebrahim

i’m A professional Egyptian tutor in teaching arabic with Phd and master degree in Arabic literature.
Have a good command in English.
Aware and experienced in Teaching Arabic to non native speakers,

– I have great experience in tutoring Arabic linguistics and Quran science to English speakers.
** Experience for 25 years in the teaching of Arabic language for arabs
and for a period of over 7 years in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers online.
i’m able to teach from any arabic or islamic book, or any branch in arabic language:
grammar and morphology,
literature, rhetoric and criticism,
and How to speak fluently in Arabic language with confidence for all ages and levels.

i’m fluent in English.
i’m mastering english as a second language
I have student teaching experience of all levels and all ages.
At the present time I am teaching Arabic, Tajweed, Quran hadith and
Islamic studies in egypt schools and universities and for non arabic speakers online for students from all over the world as well as offline my foreigner students now are teaching arabic as a second language in there countrys and I enjoy a lot of patience, know a lot of different ways of teaching Arabic to non-Arabs
I would welcome an interview and hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.
i’m waiting for you all in interest and genially
To learn the Arabic language and discover its secrets

my Qualifications and certificates

1* Bachelorin Arabic language section1988
2* Master in Arabic language: cum laude
3* Ph.D. in literary and Islamic studies Arabic language section: cum laude
4* Certificate of international computer driving license.

experiences and skills

* Training teachers on teaching Arabic language for various levels
* Teaching Arabic the Quran and Hadith science in Arabic and English for all levels of education
* Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers– both young and old
* Koran recitation education for native and non-native Arabic speakers
* i Have Quran Memorized
* am Well-Versed in Islamic knowledge
* Facilitating debates and discussions on educational topics, poetry and criticism
* Developing educational curricula for individual learners.
* Teaching Braille literacy for the blind and others in all levels of education
* teaching computer and its various programs for the blind.

it’s possible to be interconnected with me through the following sites:
skype : teacher-of-arabic-grammar
Email : [email protected]