Online English, Korean Skype Tutor – Soomi

I am native both in English and in Korean. Leveraging my ten-year industry and North America and Korea academic experiences, I have taught individuals in a variety of settings. At McMaster, I sharpened my teaching skills, providing two lectures in a Ph.D. seminar that examines introduction to social statistics in the fall of 2010.

As a TA, I provide tutorials for both undergraduate and MBA course on strategic human resource planning. I also instructed undergraduates in two classes that examines gender, leadership and organizations. In industry, I educated coworkers to develop new systems. Additionally, I trained clients and end-users in system operations and maintenance when transferring control of systems and databases that I developed myself or with my team.

I also taught coworkers to install and maintain a network system at our clients’ sites. Moreover, I lectured on IT, English and Korean online. Recently, I have sharpened these skills by teaching English in Seoul, Korea, working as an interpreter and translator. Through these experiences I have strengthened my ability to transfer knowledge to divergent audiences and field responses to a variety of questions.

Doctoral program in Human Resources (GPA: 3.8 / 4.0) Sep. 2010 – Present
DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON L8S 4L8 Canada

 Teaching & Research Assistant – Strategic Human Resource Planning

 Provided two lectures of 6Z03, Introduction to Social Statistics

 Research Assistant – The Effect of Entrepreneurship Training

 On Leave Of Absence to concentrate on translation career now

Doctoral Coursework in Management Information Systems 2008 – 2009
Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721

 Research Collaborator – Professor Joseph Galaskiewicz

 Working Paper – Cheong, S. and Galaskiewicz, J. (in progress). “Duty of Tax Payment of Korean Churches” To be submitted to an international journal.

 Teaching and Research Assistant – Gender, Leadership and Organizations

 Taught two classes of MGMT 480, Gender, Leadership and Organizations

 Research Assistant – Advanced Database Research Group (ADRG)

Masters in Engineering Management (GPA: 3.6 / 4.0) 2005 – 2006
Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708

 Research Assistant – Multi-year Offshoring Research Network project, Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

 Research Assistant – Master of Engineering Management Program (MEMP)

 Publication – Gereffi, G.. and V. Wadhwa, Dec. 12, 2005. “Framing the Engineering Outsourcing Debate: Placing the United States on a level playing field with China and India.” Global Engineering and [email protected]

– Student Co-Authors: Rissing, B., Kalakuntla, K., Cheong, S., Weng, Q., and Lingamneni, N. Bachelors of Science in Mathematics 1992 – 1996 Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea GMAT: Total = 700/800, Quantitative = 49, Verbal = 36, Analytical Writing: 5.0 Apr. 2007

English Instructor (Online & Off-line) – Langsville 2009 – 2010
In-house lecturer of Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND) – Dongbu CNI 2001
Trained/mentored/assisted coworkers to develop systems and end-users to maintain systems that I or my team developed – Samsung, Finex, Korea Exchange Bank, Fujitsu Korea, Cetelem Capital, Shinhan Bank, Dongbu CNI 1996 – 2004 Private tutor of Middle and High School students – Seoul 1992 – 1995, 2009 – 2010

Education Consultant – ilovecampus 2009 – 2010

 Consulted Master’s Thesis and Study of College Students

Education Consultant – Park Jung English School, Seoul, Korea 2003 – 2004

 Provided teaching materials for TOEFL CBT and GRE instructors

 Textbook Author – TOEFL CBT Structure Complete Guide for online lecture

English, Korean, Japanese, German

Email Soomi – [email protected]