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Simple. Practical. Professional

Learn the key concepts to language usage.

We specialize in language acquisition, or practical and easy use.

We teach and mold our online students to acquire conversational English skills.

More importantly, we encourage “Peer Tutoring”.

With this approach and teaching philosophy, students learn soft skills to apply the language being learned.

Students, will then be immersed and allowed to teach the tutor via role reversal.

This way, students will pay attention more during class hours with the tutor.

Hence, students will use more senses throughout the learning process.

Research has shown that retention is much better if peer tutoring is applied.

Best of all, it will teach and mark students with good character that they will take with them throughout their lives.

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Oliver Tamis
Founder, RAC Tutorials

Skype ID – RAC.Tutorials

Email Oliver – [email protected]