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Math Teacher for Higher mathematics, Algebra, Calculus, Engineering math.

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I teach through a virtual whiteboard, where you can write, type, draw, share documents, files and folders, chat, talk and see. You can even watch the recordings of classes any time. maths tutor

The study identified the interpersonal teaching and learning relationships between teachers and students as the most important factor in optimising engagement with mathematics.

The students engaged well when positive relationships with their teachers were in place, and curriculum arrangements were conducive to those relationships. By contrast, it was difficult for students to remain engaged in situations where they lacked positive interactions with teachers, even when they were being taught through a pedagogic approach, a curriculum, and a physical learning environment that could be widely seen as ‘best practice’.

Regardless of the school context, students in the middle years need positive teacher-student and student-student relationships as a foundation for engagement in mathematics. This relationship is built on an understanding of students and their learning needs. Unless such a relationship exists, other pedagogical practices, including the use of technology, may not sustain engagement in mathematics during the middle years.

The price for an individual class is $20

and for 5 classes is $60.

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