Biology Skype Tutor-Gavin

PhD graduate from McMaster University (Biomedical Engineering),MSc from U of T( Neuroscience) and Hon.BSc degree from U of T (Physiology). I have previous experience teaching university biology labs and have taught a wide variety of students including medical doctors and US Navy personnel.

Biomedical Engineering (PhD) graduate, with a focus on physiology/neuroscience and two degrees from U of T. Previous TA for first year biology labs at McMaster. I was awarded four scholarships during my studies totalling $43,300. Several publications in scientific journals, presentations at symposia and conferences. My (teaching) references and student evaluations (their evaluations of my performance) available upon request. Currently, I am at Brock U teacher’s college for biology and chemistry as teachable subjects. However, I have extensive math experience including an engineering degree.

Phone: 289-925-1651
E-mail: [email protected]