Portuguese Skype Tutor – Gabriela

Portuguese Language School is the only course in Australia to offer you a dynamic and immersive method of Portuguese learning. 

PLS was born from a partnership of experienced teachers to unify a Portuguese teaching method to foreigners in Australia.

We know you learn and absorb a second language through visual materials, live practice, grammar skills and knowing how the natives speak. We focus on speaking the target language through fast paced classes in a fun-learning environment. And we are also able to provide you lessons via skype!
We explore the language and accents from different regions that speak Portuguese – with a focus on Brazilian Portuguese. We provide you with resources and tips from songs, videos and cultural knowledge. We love seeing our students progress from day one in our Portuguese community! 
Cost: $50 -1 hour (minimum booking of three classes to develop language acquisition) – You can choose weekly or fortnightly. 
Online classes follow school curriculum and resources. 

Muito obrigada!

Email Gabriela : [email protected]gmail.com